Committed to Green Stewardship

From eco-friendly product materials to climate-fighting supply chain partnerships, our commitment to green stewardship is unwavering.

Why is supply chain traceability important to sustainability?

Supply chain traceability–the process of identifying and tracking a product or materials from raw material to finished good–is a vital tool to gain and convey information about the components of Firebolt products, parts, and materials, as well as their transformation throughout the value chain.

Firebolt is committed to strengthening our traceability programs to improve our supply chain management and environmental impacts. Our valued customers, marketplace partners, and industry stakeholders are demanding more information about where Firebolt products come from, the conditions in which they were made, and how they can be disposed of safely and properly. We have answered that call by launching Trace Firebolt.

We’re committed to driving a better world together

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Carbon Neutral by 2030

We are committed to acting against climate change and achieving carbon neutrality by 2030. Carbon neutrality means achieving net zero carbon emissions by sequestering or offsetting the equivalent amount of carbon or greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions as we release. Since early 2016, we have been reducing our energy consumption (demand) and cleaning up our energy supply with renewable generation sources.

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Sustainability Report

2023 Sustainability Report

Scan the QR code below or view it here.

Local and Global Impacts

At our Wixom facility, we are a part of the MIGreen initiative. Firebolt is also a member of the United Nations Global Compact with a focus on 5 Sustainable Development Goals:

Climate Action

Responsible Consumption


Life on Land

Reducing Inequalities

Decent Work and Economic Growth

Partnering with the leaders in sustainable innovation

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The international standard for environmental management.

Environmental management systems (EMS) play a vital role in businesses looking to measure, manage and control their environmental impact. ISO 14001 was developed by the International Organization for Standardization. It is a systematic framework used by businesses to manage the immediate and long-term environmental impacts of an organization’s products, services, and processes. By completing ISO 14001 certification, Firebolt assures stakeholders that our environmental management system meets international industry-specific environmental standards.

one tree planted

The planet’s leading non-profit organization focused on reforestation.

One Tree Planted is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to make it simple for anyone to help the environment by planting trees. Their projects span the globe and are done in partnership with local communities and knowledgeable experts to create an impact for nature, people, and wildlife. Reforestation helps to rebuild forests after fires and floods, provide jobs for social impact, and restore biodiversity. Many projects have overlapping objectives, creating a combination of benefits that contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. With each customer order, Firebolt plants 50 trees in US National Forests. The trees planted through this partnership have positive impacts on nature, biodiversity, and people for years to come.

The world’s most trusted business sustainability rating.

In 2023, Firebolt earned a gold status for sustainability from EcoVadis. EcoVadis is a global leader in third-party evaluations of business sustainability performance, using four categories when making their assessment: Sustainable Procurement, Ethics, Labor & Human Rights, and Environment. EcoVadis helps Firebolt drive sustainability with a common platform, universal scorecard, benchmarks and performance improvement tools.

Product Disposal

Safely recycling our past innovations helps us reduce air and water pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and conserve natural resources.

Whether you’re just beginning your Firebolt product journey or discovering what happens when the light turns off, scan the QR code on the back or bottom of your Illumination or CLICK HERE to learn how to properly recycle our signs, promotional gear, and night tools.

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