Intelligent Data Capture

Unlock the power of first-party data, while providing immersive and educational experiences for your customers.

We are Iconex.

A comprehensive data capture platform that drives audience engagement.

With Iconex, users can confidently plan, execute, and evaluate events of any size and complexity.

The Iconex suite of experiences can be tailored to include pre-and-post event insights, on-site and mobile registrations, gamification and social media integration.

Engage Your Audience

Connect targeted email blasts with existing or new contacts. Automatic reminders and follow-ups are only a few of the features within the Iconex platform.

Drive Lead Generation

Discover fresh opportunities for lead generation and audience growth with our branded RSVP Sites and customizable surveys. Optional feature sets like animated splash screens, custom buttons, gamification, license scanning are easily integrated to meet your specific needs and goals.

Leverage the Power of Analytics

Maximize the impact of your events with our post-event data review. Uncover valuable customer insights, and perceptions of your brand, product, or service. Use these insights to tailor remarketing communications through data-driven decision making.

When it comes to capturing live audiences, Iconex offers a wide range of engagement tools to ensure optimal results.

Brands We’ve illuminated


Create strategic opportunities for interaction at every stage of your customers journey.

Person holding their phone at a conference


+ Event Marketing Tools
+ RSVP Event Microsites
+ Customized Invites
+ Guest List Uploads
+ Automated Confirmation & Reminder Emails

+ Dedicated Planning Advisors

@ Event

+ Lead/Survey Capture
+ Guest Tracking
+ Seamless Check-In
+ Badge Printing
+ Games & Prizing

+ QR Code Integrations
+ Social Photo/Video

+ On-site Activation Director

Woman looking at Post Event Iconex data

Post Event

+ Follow-up Emails
+ Analytics & Reporting
+ 3rd Party CRM Integration
+ Audience Demographics
+ Audience Traffic Tracking

Automate your Email Marketing

With Iconex, creating pre-event invitations is as simple as uploading your guest list. Iconex will take care of the rest.

Create custom-branded emails with user-friendly templates. The Iconex email functions can provide everything your audience needs for an upcoming event with timely email messages and reminders.

Links can be incorporated to further enhance the user experience while providing additional information about the event such as venue location, dates, and times for the event.

Then, our automated delivery system ensures your communications are sent at specified times, hassle-free.

Create Branded RSVP Sites

Elevate your event with stunning RSVP sites that represent your brand’s essence – while gathering valuable pre-event data through our customizable solution, which takes your insight options to the next level.

As an event professional, you understand the importance of creating an exceptional RSVP site to maximize event attendance. Iconex is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, allowing you to create a stunning microsite that captures all of the important details about your event.

Iconex offers the flexibility to include custom survey items, allowing you to collect valuable guest data even prior to the event. If you’re uncertain about which questions to ask, our platform provides preset options to guide you. Additionally, you can personalize the survey with custom colors, artwork, logos, and backgrounds to align with your brand.

By gaining insights into attendees’ product knowledge, purchase intent, specific needs, and restrictions, you’ll have the necessary information to tailor the event to their preferences. This ensures a memorable experience that leaves a long-lasting impression and sparks engaging discussions even after the event concludes.

Streamline the on-site experience

Deliver a smooth and seamless entry experience for your guests with our digital check-in process. Utilizing unique QR codes as e-tickets, Iconex ensures a brilliant and intuitive platform that welcomes pre-registrants. Guests can effortlessly check in by scanning their personalized QR code with the onsite team.

You can customize our iPad workflows to accommodate different experiences within the same event.

Use surveys to acquire fresh leads, request consent for contact information, assess purchase intent, evaluate brand satisfaction, measure NPS scores, and gather additional data.

Track guests seamlessly as they move from opening breakfast, tradeshow to a closing reception — using a single QR code.

Capture Branded Photos & Animated GIF’s

Capture unforgettable moments with branded photos and animated GIFs, delivered straight to your guests’ inboxes through SMS or email.

Our user-friendly photo capture workflow ensures that event attendees can effortlessly seize those special moments and create cherished keepsakes with personalized photos.

Guests can easily spread the joy by sharing their branded photos or animated GIFs on popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter, all while amplifying your campaign with pre-loaded captions.

Gain a better understanding of your audience.

Unlock valuable insights into your participants’ demographics, including age, gender, and interests.

Explore the geographical locations of your participants, leveraging this data to identify regional preferences, target specific markets, and strategize re-marketing efforts.

Monitor participant engagement by tracking clicks and interactions on your website. 

Leverage the wealth of data to drive informed decision-making, enhance participant engagement, and optimize your overall return on investment.

Safeguard your event with our robust compliance solutions designed to protect your visitors and corporate entities.

Maximize the safety of your online visitors by utilizing our comprehensive compliance solutions. These solutions include localized age-gates tailored for spirits, beer/wine, driving, and other categories, effectively preventing underage viewers from accessing and registering on your web properties. In cases where age restrictions apply, we redirect users to responsible messaging or external sites, ensuring a secure online environment for your audience.

Automatic Anonymization

Iconex is now equipped to anonymize data to help you preserve your insights while respecting the privacy of your end users. Whenever your settings require it, Iconex will remove sensitive information from participant records, while retaining all other data in the record.

3d render of a padlock

Flexible User Permissions

Maintain control with flexible permission levels. Users can be assigned full access to all experiences/data or restricted access to specific campaigns or on-site workflows only.

Discover the range of activations that we support

Iconex was built from the ground up to help respond to the ever-evolving and expanding event types a modern brand leader faces each month.

Product Launches & Mobile Tours

Elevate your brand experience by engaging customers on the go with a mobile tour vehicle. Ignite excitement around your products and increase brand awareness through immersive mobile tours. These tours provide a unique opportunity for customers to interact with your products firsthand, establishing a personal connection that leaves a lasting impression. With Iconex, seamless data capture is integrated at every stop, offering valuable insights into your audience and their preferences. This strategic approach empowers businesses to effectively reach their target audience, foster customer loyalty, and strengthen brand recognition.

Ride & Drives

Drive your marketing efforts to new heights with Ride & Drives, an essential tool that allows customers to experience your brand’s products in action. With Iconex, you can streamline the process by registering age-verified guests, capturing driver’s licenses, facilitating waiver signing, and enabling participants to select their preferred test ride vehicle. After the event, riders are presented with a survey to gauge the impact and effectiveness of the activation. This valuable feedback offers insights into audience preferences, empowering businesses to make informed decisions that enhance the customer experience and foster brand loyalty. With the seamless execution supported by Iconex, your Ride & Drives will leave a lasting impression, ensuring a successful brand activation.

Pop-ups Stations

Maximize your brand’s impact at outdoor events, such as state fairs, festivals, and sporting conventions, by creating immersive brand experiences. Set up a captivating pop-up station that allows businesses to engage with their target audience and leave a lasting impression. With Iconex, registering attendees, capturing their information, and distributing promotional items or swag as a registration reward becomes effortless. By incorporating gamification, brands can further enhance engagement and foster a fun and exciting atmosphere, ensuring a successful activation that boosts brand recognition and creates memorable experiences for attendees.

Conferences (Check-in & Badge Printing)

Streamline the guest check-in process and generate branded thermal badges within seconds, displaying important details such as Name, Company Name, Table/Seat Number, and more. Experience the ease of managing guest registrations with Iconex. After the event, receive a full report of pre-registered guests, on-site registrations, and no-shows.

Trusted by our industry-leading partners

Check out our collection of case studies that provide analysis, insight, and real-life examples of our capabilities.


Alfa Romeo, Chrysler, Dodge, Fiat, Jeep, Ram, and Mopar


Provide a single platform, live audience capture solution that would work seamlessly across and between multiple brands, campaigns, and end-reporting CRM services. In addition, include solutions for gamification, social media engagements, and structured dashboard environment within the same system.


Conduct a complete needs analysis with all business unit and stakeholders

Immerse the Iconex development and Account team to the needs, current pain points and requests from the client and their agencies

Develop and implement an onboarding process to train client stakeholders and multiple agency partners for pre-and-post event experiences and post-event reporting

Provide mobile device management for over 500 devices that allow for on-the-fly changes if necessary

Successfully develop and rollout numerous custom reporting features

Incorporate onsite photo experiences and easily managed prizing solutions to address social media and gamification needs


Jack Daniels, Woodford Reserve, Old Forester


Brown-Forman needed a compliant data capture platform that streamlined their event management and supported multiple languages and global event set-up while maintaining unique branding for their family of brands.


Through close collaboration with Brown-Forman’s IMC and regional activation teams, the Iconex team streamlined event management processes and created a scalable event solution. The addition of multi-language support facilitated successful product/service launches in Africa, Australia, South America, and Europe. The Iconex team consistently improved the platform with new features, while optimizing onboarding and account management throughout the 8-year partnership. The active involvement of Firebolt / BF in annual roadmap updates and planning sessions strengthened the long-term partnership, resulting in a successful outcome.

© Kat Goduco Photo

NGK Sparkplugs

NHRA, Nascar Races


NGK aimed to enhance customer experience at their racing events by creating a memorable and engaging environment. They sought a solution that would streamline attendee registration, provide an entertaining activity, and amplify brand visibility through social sharing.


To address these challenges, NGK leveraged our event platform to seamlessly manage attendee registration. Attendees had the convenience of registering through either a kiosk or the geo-validated mobile website. Once registered, attendees were encouraged to participate in personalized game activities such as drag races, trivia, and match games, allowing them to compete against each other and view their names and scores on a digital leaderboard. Additionally, NGK implemented our branded photo experience, enabling attendees to capture branded photos and share them on social media, effectively becoming enthusiastic brand advocates..

Monster Interactive Kiosk


Monster needed a solution that would engage customers and drive sales while capturing data for marketing purposes.


The partnership between Iconex and Monster led to the creation of an interactive kiosk that delivered a one-of-a-kind customer experience. With engaging videos triggered by customer interactions, the kiosk provided an immersive environment. Iconex’s incorporation of data capture capabilities and streamlined transaction processes allowed customers to make quick purchases for immediate pickup or delivery. Overall, the user-friendly kiosk proved to be a successful sales booster and a valuable asset for Monster’s marketing efforts.

When you choose to activate your brand with Firebolt, brand performance ignites.

Philip Ochtman
Firebolt Group Global CEO
headshot of Philip Ochtman CEO of Firebolt

Firebolt is a very agile and innovative company. Their delivery times and production quality have never failed to impress the Speedway community. Customer service is exceptional and very diligent. I foresee the relationship between Firebolt and Speedway continuing on for years to come!

Commodity Manager, Equipment
Speedway LLC

Firebolt has been a trusted supplier to Boelter for several years. I like to use Firebolt because of its exceptional creative design and ability to engineer a sign to a customer’s budget. Not only do they provide a competitive price, but their lead times are typically 20% faster than their competition which is a huge advantage in our industry as our customers rarely plan ahead. The Firebolt team truly values our partnership and does whatever they can to help us earn our customer’s business. We are very appreciative of our relationship and will continue to rely on their team in the future.

Fulfillment Manager
The Boelter Companies, Inc
Neon sign for Shiner Bock

Firebolt has been a key supply partner to Pernod Ricard for over 5 years. They are the preferred supplier with extensive industry knowledge and premium design capabilities. Their concepts and innovations in the digital space make them a valuable asset that we will be using more on a group level in the future.

Senior Buyer & POS Category Manager
Irish Distillers Limited (Pernod Ricard)
Jameson Tote Bag

Working with Firebolt was a true partnership. Their innovation and can-do attitude really helped us exceed our client’s expectations and led to additional installations.

Strategic Sourcing Manager
Classic Graphics
Classic Graphics retail text signage

When our team had over 300,000 plastic cups left over from events that no longer were in line with our sustainability standards, we needed to find a responsible way to dispose of them. After conversations with our brilliant partner, Paul Norton and the Firebolt Group, coupled together with ongoing consumer demand for tote bags, we developed a range of Jameson tote bags using our very own plastic cups. The full story is here. 

Hilary Lenahan
Irish Distillers | Global Brand Manager Marketing
Irish Distillers Sign