Night Tools

The night never stops…
neither do we.

Brands We’ve illuminated

Crescent canna

To own the night, you have to
bring the light.

Dom Pérignon x Lady Gaga

Custom molded, illuminated and metallic bottle presenter collaboration.

Veuve Clicquot

LED night tool for champagne brand.

Belvedere Vodka

Illuminated Belvedere “B” for VIP parades and club bottle service experiences.

beefeater Gin

Custom light up bottle holder for Beefeater London Dry Gin.

Capture brand connection with bottle presenters and night tools designed to elevate the VIP experience.

Innovative Concepts

Firebolt pushes the boundaries on what is possible, blending advanced materials and technologies to create new form factors.

On-brand, on-brief

Firebolt honors the brand positioning and impact aims of our clients, ensuring project success

Speed to Market

Firebolt accelerates all points of the supply chain to meet your launch timelines

We are the manufacturing edge.

Firebolt crafts incredible night tools that amplify your brand promise, including LED bottle glorifiers, VIP table service experiences, illuminated glasses and shot trays, and more. 

We design every detail to capture brand reverence and fan attention to own the night.

Firebolt night tools are memorable extensions of your brand story along every consumer journey point.

Night tools are all about the moment a clubgoer sees their bottle arrive at the table with an iconic brand’s logo glowing on the glassware. That’s why brands trust Firebolt as the go-to partner for creating unforgettable moments and enhancing the guest experience every night, every time, everywhere.

Bringing the biggest ideas to life through Firebolt Labs.

Have you ever had a sketch that you ignored, not knowing what to do for the next step? Your competition is trying to outdo, out wow, and outbuild you at every touchpoint. It takes relentless invention and elasticity to gain consumer head and heart space and we are the perfect catalyst to help you gain marketplace edge.

We are an incubator and accelerator that sources, configures, and deploys next-gen connected brand artifacts and trackers. Think of us as your on-demand prototyping center, here to develop custom extension solutions for your brand portfolio.

When you choose to activate your brand with Firebolt, brand performance ignites.

Philip Ochtman
Firebolt Group Global CEO
headshot of Philip Ochtman CEO of Firebolt

Firebolt is a very agile and innovative company. Their delivery times and production quality have never failed to impress the Speedway community. Customer service is exceptional and very diligent. I foresee the relationship between Firebolt and Speedway continuing on for years to come!

Commodity Manager, Equipment
Speedway LLC

Firebolt has been a trusted supplier to Boelter for several years. I like to use Firebolt because of its exceptional creative design and ability to engineer a sign to a customer’s budget. Not only do they provide a competitive price, but their lead times are typically 20% faster than their competition which is a huge advantage in our industry as our customers rarely plan ahead. The Firebolt team truly values our partnership and does whatever they can to help us earn our customer’s business. We are very appreciative of our relationship and will continue to rely on their team in the future.

Fulfillment Manager
The Boelter Companies, Inc
Neon sign for Shiner Bock

Firebolt has been a key supply partner to Pernod Ricard for over 5 years. They are the preferred supplier with extensive industry knowledge and premium design capabilities. Their concepts and innovations in the digital space make them a valuable asset that we will be using more on a group level in the future.

Senior Buyer & POS Category Manager
Irish Distillers Limited (Pernod Ricard)
Jameson Tote Bag

Working with Firebolt was a true partnership. Their innovation and can-do attitude  really helped us exceed our client’s expectations and led to additional installations.

Strategic Sourcing Manager
Classic Graphics
Classic Graphics retail text signage

When our team had over 300,000 plastic cups left over from events that no longer were in line with our sustainability standards, we needed to find a responsible way to dispose of them. After conversations with our brilliant partner, Paul Norton and the Firebolt Group, coupled together with ongoing consumer demand for tote bags, we developed a range of Jameson tote bags using our very own plastic cups. The full story is here. 

Hilary Lenahan
Irish Distillers | Global Brand Manager Marketing
Irish Distillers Sign

Integrate offline experiences with online data platforms.

iconex™ Event management

Capture rich audience data from your branded events with Iconex™, Firebolt’s exclusive event hosting and management platform.

glimpse™ retail insights

Gather real-world shopper insights like never before with our AI-powered journey tracking and monitoring platform built for global retailers and venue leaders.