Top Advantages of Eco-Neon Signs

Illuminated Eco-Neon sign for Deep Eddy vodka

Chances are you’ve heard of Neon Signs, but you may not have heard of Eco- Neon. What’s the difference between traditional Neon Signs and Eco-Neon signs, and what are the benefits of the latter?


Eco-Neon uses low voltage LEDs to create the appearance of neon lighting—and comes with numerous benefits. Unlike traditional neon, Eco-Neon can be produced in almost any shape and can include color-changing patterns, presenting zero design constraints. Manufactured from block acrylic, Eco-Neon provides a much sturdier alternative to traditional fragile glass neon and is virtually maintenance-free. Because the thermally managed LED’s generate negligible heat and run cool to the touch, it’s also safer and ideal for lower-level installations.

In line with The Firebolt Group’s sustainability efforts and goal to become carbon neutral by the year 2030, Eco-Neon LED has a lower cost of ownership over the life of a sign and has less of an impact on the environment when it is time to dispose of a sign. These signs have a rated service life of 50,000—100,000 hours, which equates to 11 years.

Additional benefits of Eco-Neon LED signage

  • Eco-Neon signage is more cost-effective than traditional neon signage, both upfront and in the long term.
  • Eco-Neon signs do not have the breakage potential of the glass tubing used in traditional neon Signs and do not pose the same shock hazards.
  • Shipping costs considerably less since less packaging is required. In addition to Eco-Neon signs being half the weight of comparable traditional neon signs, an Eco-Neon sign box is just 4 inches deep vs a 10-inch box needed to ship neon signs. In addition, traditional neon sign boxes also require a lot of packing materials such as shock mounts, foam, and other non-recyclable materials to prevent breakage, which can triple the cost of packaging.
  • Eco-Neon signs have zero breakage when compared to a 3—5% breakage rate of neon signs when shipping.
  • Eco-Neon signs do not use heavy metals or known Carcinogenic agents, in line with Firebolt’s core values focused on environmental sustainability. All components can be fully recycled and have second-use capabilities.
  • Eco-Neon signs are LED-based which consume up to 70%—80% less in energy costs when compared to traditional neon signs of the same size.


We partner with brands, their marketing departments, and agencies to dream up and create never-seen-before signs. Our Eco-Neon LED signage is made to custom specifications and can accommodate a range of client requirements—from complex graphic shapes in a broad range of colors—compared with the limitations of traditional glass neon. Our award-winning custom design and engineering services coupled with the benefits of Eco-Neon signage ensure brand specifications are a perfect match.