Giving back

An Overview of Firebolt’s Tenets

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Over the past year, committed ourselves to realigning and reigniting what our company stands for.

Innovation is a hallmark at Firebolt. Our innovation doesn’t stop with our designs. We are constantly evolving who we are as a company. Some years, this meant pivoting our focus due to a pandemic. Over the past year, committed ourselves to realigning and reigniting what our company stands for.

Our enterprise-wide tenets (guiding principles that ground us) are the bedrock of beliefs that drive our behaviors. We set out to create an environment where our “Ignitors” (Firebolt employees) can stretch themselves. We use our tenents to guide us, focus us and keep us grounded.

Invention & Excellence

We carry forth a “no boundaries/no barriers” mindset on every solutions sprint.

Invention and excellence have led Firebolt to be the company we are today: A global manufacturer and activation partner for brands seeking impactful and effective extension solutions at scale. We have the honor of working with top global brands that rely on us to help them create solutions that are original, captivating and truly outside the box.

Smart signs that capture and relay data for ROI
Unique product glorifiers and presenters that shine light on product advantages and differentiation
Turnkey event data capture and orchestration services
And there is more innovation on the horizon. We are just getting started.

Inclusivity & Equality

We create stages and pathways for all voices to be equalized, expressed and elevated.

Quite simply, everyone at Firebolt has a voice. All ideas for products and innovation are considered. We created a process where anyone in the company can submit innovation ideas, that are taken seriously. Our executives know they don’t have all the answers, that is why they hire a lot of smart people. Our first-ever Ignition Camp this year was a way to bring everyone together to have some fun, learn a bit about each other and set a path for success for the future.

Nature & Well-Being

We respect, preserve and conserve the precious natural resources all around us.

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword we throw around. Firebolt has earned the EcoVadis Award 3 years in a row and has been recognized as a Platinum member, something only 10% of all companies earn. There are strict standards to meet this criterion.

We have a sustainability board made up of our Ignitors that are always looking at ways we can do better. Several years ago we moved to eco-neon signs which are environmentally friendly while delivering stunning results. We have a team of ignitors that focus on how we can continue to ensure we leave our planet better than we found it.

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