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Come see the making of modern signage and experience the latest innovations at Firebolt Labs.


Understand the depth of Firebolt’s full capabilities.


See the prototype process live.


Watch the engineering teams work together with production to create our products.


Experience new innovations before they’re launched or even see them being created.

Learn About Firebolt

Each tour gives potential clients and partners the opportunity to learn more about everything Firebolt has to offer so that we can explore working together.

Ask Questions

Every tour includes a question and answer breakout session with engineers to learn more about our on-the-spot problem solving.

Q&A sessions allow for anyone to ask any questions. Sometimes the quest to create the best new product, or the perfect-fit illuminated sign is interrupted by challenges and unforeseen circumstances. Here you’ll have the chance to go over all the “What If?” scenarios including opportunities to learn more about embedding our latest sensing technology to make any sign a “Smart Sign.”

Firebolt can help you achieve your performance goals by leveraging our dynamic engineering, production, and logistics talent and capabilities, while maximizing all of our global facilities.

From custom, edge-lit LED signage and innovative point-of-sale displays, to event data capture and journey analytics, Firebolt delivers brand illumination at scale with unmatched quality and precision.

We’re hands on and we want the opportunity for you to be too.