Radiate brand brilliance with vivid signs people won’t forget.

In the fierce battle for attention, retail and brand managers face an uphill struggle to draw more people through their doors, stimulate interest in their products, and boost sales. Unfortunately, dime-a-dozen sign manufacturers’ offerings are easily overlooked and swiftly forgotten, failing to leave a lasting impression.

Capture More Attention

Even in competitive and crowded stores, our signs cut through the noise and draw your customers in.

elevate brand perception

Signage serves as the crucial initial touchpoint for your brand, enhancing memory and elevating perceived value.

drive sales growth

Innovative signage drives sales by capturing attention and engaging customers effectively.

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Illuminated sign for Vizzy hard seltzer

vizzy mimosa hard seltzer animated KRYSTAL

Acrylic LED illuminated sign with bubbling animation for Vizzy.

Illuminated hanging sign for Trap House organics

trap house organics KRYSTAL

Full color acrylic LED illuminated sign for cannabis brand Trap House.

Krystal signage with LED custom digital type for Hennessy


Illuminated sign with custom LED text scrolling display for Hennessy.

Illuminated sign for UFC

ufc LEDeon® SIGN

Neon-look LED illuminated Krystal with brushed accents for UFC.

sign for Kioti


Custom shaped illuminated signage for Kioti brand.

illuminated night tools signage for Buchanan's Deluxe


Freestanding illuminated Krystal for Buchanan’s DeLuxe.

illuminated outdoor signage on a building

Chicago bulls Eco-NEON

Cost-effective, environmentally friendly Eco-Neon for the Chicago Bulls.

Multi-Dimensional 3d illuminated Sign

coors light KRYSTAL

Custom signage for Coors Light.

Illuminated table top sign for Applebee's


Customizable lighted tabletop with wireless charging and call button for Applebee’s.

deep eddy vodka ILLUMINATED SIGN

Custom, full color, animated Eco-Neon sign for Deep Eddy.

one-stop shop

Experience a one-stop shop that offers shorter lead times and less supply chain volatility. We design, prototype, fabricate, and deliver.

produced locally

We light it up locally. Michigan made and Detroit proud, our primary manufacturing facility is in Wixom, MI — with easy access to downtown and the airport.

sustainable materials

From sustainably sourced wood, recycled acrylics, and the latest in eco-friendly packaging, we constantly test and vet the finest materials to showcase your brand.

high-volume specialists

Firebolt is your go-to partner for efficient and reliable high-volume production. With our experience and expertise, we seamlessly fulfill bulk orders, ensuring quick delivery and top-notch quality for franchises and retail chains.


With intelligent sensing and data tracking capabilities, you can now measure the effectiveness of your brand experiences and gain insights to improve your operations, resulting in deeper customer and fan relationships.

innovative custom designs

Firebolt’s iconic illuminated signage fuses state-of-the-art technology with innovative materials for a wide range of custom LED sign solutions.

Get a Free Sign Prototype

Schedule a strategy call with us, and we’ll provide you with a complimentary sign prototype..

Their concepts and innovations in the digital space make them a valuable asset that we will be using more on a group level in the future.

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