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Precision Quality At Every Turn

Working with multiple companies to create the perfect sign is cumbersome and time-consuming. Firebolt partners with brands and their agencies to fully understand desired impact vision and performance goals. We then move swiftly into our solutions development cycle, ensuring design, engineering, fabrication, and delivery meet our high-quality standards.

Innovative Sign Solutions That drive results


LED Krystals

Ultra-Thin. Ultra Bright. Ultra Affordable.

Our LED Krystal signs offer the ultimate in customization. Illuminated with ultra-bright LEDs, these signs can be molded to any size or shape and can be less than 1/2" thick.

This innovative technology is less expensive and less impactful on the environment while creating a powerful impact on customers.  

Affordable. Ecofriendly. No maintenance.
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Benefits of neon without the environmental impact and costs.

We perfected the art of injection-molded signs so brands can enjoy brighter, longer-lasting, more eco-friendly signs compared to traditional Glass Neon signs. Custom design and engineering ensure your brand specifications are matched perfectly.

Affordable. Ecofriendly. Low Maintenance. 

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Illuminates like neon, without the cost.

LEDeon® sign are a patented LED-illuminated sign that contains the brightness benefits of traditional neon but uses router or printed enhancements to mimic the look of neon tubes. Expect lower maintenance and environment impact and higher customer impact.

Low maintenance. Affordable. Ecofriendly.

Air-Gap Signs

Multi-dimensional effect with limitless options.

Creating an innovative and unique sign that matches a brand's identity and message is made possible with Air-Gap signs. Firebolt Air-Gap signs leverage edgeless design and can be molded to any shape and size, elevating quality levels top brands expect.

Low maintenance. Ecofriendly. Unlimited options.


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Animated Krystal Signs

Animated Signs Result In An 83% Higher Brand Retention Rate Than Traditional Signs.

Create engagement and connection with animated signs that feature

  • A freeze over or frosted look

  • Liquid flowing or bubbling

  • Blinking, blooming, color-changing, and more

Animated signs combined with custom programming or intelligent functionality give brand marketing teams the ability to change and tailor messages on the fly.

Animated. Ecofriendly. Versatile.



Multi-Dimensional Signs

Award-Winning 3D Signs that Deliver

Our award-winning, visually stunning multi-dimensional signs incorporate a wide range of durable materials and illumination choices. The results are modern, striking 3D signs that stand out and sustain visual impact.

3D. Durable. Sustainable Materials. 
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Innovative Custom Design

We partner with brands, their marketing departments, and agencies to dream up and create never-seen-before signs. Firebolt is the go-to resource when brands have an idea for a sign but are not sure how to create it.

Custom One-Of-A-Kind Signs That Ignite Brand Performance.


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No need for multiple companies. We do it all.
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Ecofriendly. Sustainable. Impactful.


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