Volcan Tequila Case Study

Watch Volcan Tequila own the night with a club parade illuminator designed in support of the new tequila brand’s global launch.


“Volcan Tequila: From Volcano to Drink

Volcan de mi tierra, which translates into “Land of the Volcano”, embodies a celebration of provenance and legacy. Volcan de Mi Tierra harmonizes 300 years of passion and entrepreneurship, joining the Gallardo family’s heritage and deep Mexican roots with Moët Hennessy’s commitment to craftsmanship and savoir faire.



Firebolt was tasked with developing an awe-inspiring set of night tools in support of Volcan Tequila’s global brand launch.

Volcan Tequila was seeking an innovative set of parade night tools that will showcase their uniqueness and appeal to consumers and tastemakers. But with only 12 weeks until launch, they weren’t sure if it was even possible.

Firebolt needed to develop a hyper-fast, end-to-end, solution development path for Volcan Tequila.


Let’s Do This

Straight to ideation, Firebolt designers and engineers set out to make the impossible possible with just 5 guideposts:

  • Bring unmatched wow factor
  • Be original and inspire competitors to copy 
  • Leverage Volcan’s heritage and iconography
  • Champion the highest quality fabrication with safe, proven materials and certified components

All within a timeframe of only 3 weeks.

Key Stages

Experience Wireframing

Mapping the customer journey to zero in on key moments of impact.

Concept Sketching

Exploring creative possibilities and “what if’s” to maximize the experience roadmap


Turning concepts into physical form for appeal and impact testing.

Client Pulse Checking

Monitoring the engagement and relaying key stage gates for client alignment.


Shifting and reforming the experience based on key client feedback.

CAD drawings

Preparing for full production through precision CAD drawings.


Manufacturing Know-How

CAD drawing in hand, Firebolt engineers and project managers took on the complex material configuration and production challenges overshadowing Volcan’s go live launch target. Due to timing barriers, the formation of a production solution that required bypassing special tooling was adopted. The solution included:

  • Sourcing best-in-class electronic components and batteries for hundreds of glorifiers, illuminators, and parade accessories from Asia
  • Managing advanced metal fabrication and coating applications
  • Setting up turnkey assembly lines in our US production facility

Time Frame: 4 Weeks

Key Stages

Scenario Planning

Preparing for various launch sequences and potential outcomes enabled production efficiencies.

Prototype Refinements

More subtle tweaks and adjustments to ensure a flawless production.

Artifact Production

Precision fabrication and assembly were achieved through our high standards and benchmarks.

Quality Checking

Every piece on the line was inspected for cosmetic irregularities and performance.

Client Counsel

Daily communication and sharing of production outputs and results.


Supply Chain Stewardship

With a series of special events in Mexico, Spain, Greece, and France planned to unveil the brand’s official marketplace introduction to key partners and stakeholders, Firebolt’s commitment to delivering awe at each stage gate never wavered.

In the 12th week of the engagement, Firebolt delivered:

  • 400 stunning bottle presenters
  • 200 parade shield accessories
  • 20,000 bottle illuminators

With a time frame of 2 weeks.


Eco-friendly, secure, and air-tight custom-fitted boxing to ensure error-free handling.

Quality Checks

Packaging and supply-chain quality checks were conducted to ensure proper delivery.

Shipment Tracking

Monitoring, tracking and tracing, end-to-end, to pinpoint key delivery timeframes.

Client Relaying

In-transit and post-delivery communications to signal successful retrieval of goods by client teams.


Performance Ignited

The result: an unforgettable launch experience for the Volcan brand (and its parent company, Moet Hennessy) that ignited trial and awareness among key clientele across the globe, ultimately positioning Volcan as a rising star in the growing tequila brand marketplace.

Key Highlights:

  • No boundaries/no barriers mindset
  • 3 month, end-to-end solution sprint that included ideation, design, engineering, fabrication, assembly, quality control, and delivery
  • 1 unified team working across three continents and timezones
  • New standard set for night tool design and manufacturing

Firebolt’s boundless creativity, energy and enthusiasm for our success enabled us to reach our daunting launch date, and ultimately helped us to strengthen our customer and consumer connections.

Volcan Brand Management

The Ideal Partner

From ideation to market, Firebolt is the ideal design, manufacturing, and activation partner to help you deliver memorable and shareable brand experiences.