Cannabis Smart Signs for the Experience Economy: Hero XR x Flower Mill

Learn how a cannabis startup uses Firebolt’s smart sign to measure engagement analytics of physical products.


“Flower Mill: Leaders in Cannabis Innovation

Flower Mill is an emerging cannabis brand whose team designed a patented grinder to ‘progressively crumble weed’ where it naturally wants to break apart. They knew their customers were tired of the same problems everyone has with conventional grinders so they engineered a quality product to bring people joy in their ritual.


Firebolt met Flower Mill at CannaCon Detroit.

Flower Mill’s founders met Firebolt’s team at CannaCon Detroit where Firebolt showcased the latest LED signage for the cannabis industry.

The Flower Mill team scheduled a tour of Firebolt’s Detroit-based manufacturing and design facilities to learn more about the design capabilities, signage and displays that Firebolt is known for around the world.

As part of the tour’s innovation showcase, Flower Mill got to hear about an early, pre-launch version of the world’s first smart sign, which became the Hero XR.


Hero XR

Hero XR is the world’s smartest, thinnest, and brightest interior brand sign – tailor-made for retail. The Hero XR is an eye-catching point of sale (POS) fixture that fuses Firebolt’s advanced Krystal display technology with smart shelf sensors from Retail Aware – the leading in-store shopper behavior analytics firm. The combination offers brands and retailers a brilliant presence and real-time engagement intelligence never before seen in a quick-turn, custom-built retail display solution.


Flower Mill on the Rise

Hero XR offered a unique way for Flower Mil to test and determine which of its three grinder models generated the most customer interaction. Flower Mill plans to use extrapolated data to create insights for new launches and additional product marketing.

Introduced in Boston in 2023, the Flower Mill edition of the Hero XR tracked over 8,000 impressions and 200 engagements during its two-day test run.

More about Hero XR

Hero XR’s embedded proximity and product interaction sensors make measuring in-store display engagement effortless. Through Retail Aware’s user-friendly mobile and desktop app portal, brand managers and store operators can now make real-time data-powered retail strategy decisions.

No other point-of-sale display on the market has these advanced sensing and stunning display capabilities in a single, customizable fixture.

The Hero XR comes in three standard sizes and can be customized by configuring materials, finishes, number of shelves, sensors, height and width dimensions, and illumination haptics such as pulsing, dimming, and color changing.

Experience brand illumination and insights with Hero XR.