Promote your edge and style with exceptional brand gear. 

Firebolt creates bespoke promotional items that amplify brand promises and build fan connection.

Brands We’ve illuminated


Promotional gear is all about brand extension and fan building.

Key accessories that augment, elevate and extend your brand.

We design, source, and deliver custom brand kits, apparel, gifts, campaign elements, memorable leave behinds and more.

All of brand gear programs are completely customizable. All Firebolt brand gear solutions as designed to capture fan attention, foster customer reverence, and build stakeholder loyalty. 

Check out our collection of case studies that provide analysis, insight, and real-life examples of our capabilities.

Firebolt promotional items are memorable extensions of your brand story along every consumer journey point.


In partnership with Firebolt, Jameson launched a line of tote bags made using the plastic from surplus Jameson plastic cups that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.


Hennessy and Firebolt worked together to create a custom illuminated shot tray. Ten shots. One tray. Endless brand impact every night.

Integrate offline experiences with online data platforms.

iconex™ Event management

Capture rich audience data from your branded events with Iconex™, Firebolt’s exclusive event hosting and management platform.

glimpse™ retail insights

Gather real-world shopper insights like never before with our AI-powered journey tracking and monitoring platform built for global retailers and venue leaders.