Giving back

Firebolt Gives Back Locally


Every year a group comes out to celebrate the Whaley’s Center and to raise money for the organization. Whaley’s is a nonprofit in Flint, Michigan designed for abused, neglected and at-risk children and families.

The Whaley’s Children’s Center was founded in 1922, 40 years after Robert and Mary Whaley’s son, Donald, passed away. When going through his things they found a jar of coins that Donald had been saving for an orphanage in Detroit.

40 years later Robert and Mary were able to establish the Donald M. Whaley Memorial Home in his honor, with the mission, “Whaley Children’s Center empowers youth and families to overcome trauma.”

Over the years Whaley’s facilities have grown and evolved into the campus they have today. They now have three group homes established in the area, an educational center and a residential treatment center. They are continuing to evolve, to be able to offer children and families they treat the best care possible.

We are so lucky they are in our community and are grateful to have been able to contribute to their annual fundraiser for the second year in a row. Firebolt worked with Signs by Crannie, another local business, to create 4 signs to be put up for auction at the event.

The Whaley’s Children’s Center was incredibly grateful and presented Firebolt’s Jerry Lefere with a Certificate of Appreciation. Mindy Williams, The Whaley’s Children’s Center CEO commented, “We are incredibly thankful for the support and generous donation from Firebolt to our Tux and Tennies Gala. Your donations help us raise much-needed funds to support our kiddos and our Center. 80 percent of our funding comes from the State. This pays for the basics. Community support helps us provide all of the extras it takes to give our youth a chance to be kids and to heal. We couldn’t do it without the support of organizations like yours!!”

Keep an eye out for their next event or visit their website and see how you can make a difference.