Pollo Tropical building and outdoor text signage

Pollo Tropical is a Miami, Florida-based restaurant chain and franchise specializing in the cuisine of the Caribbean. Established in 1988, the franchise has 141 locations throughout Florida.

Fiesta Restaurant Group met with Firebolt National Sales Executive Russell Willett in late October to discuss a way of lowering maintenance costs with the older signage that exists at each location. The obvious choice was to begin retrofitting existing signage with high-quality LED lighting.

When people think about the benefits of LED lighting in signage, what comes to mind most often is energy savings. While energy savings are significant, the greatest impact to the bottom line actually lies in annual maintenance costs.

On average, converting signs from fluorescent to LED can reduce maintenance cycles from as much as two to three times per year to just once every five to 10 years. Because LEDs have no filament to burn out, their lifespans average 50,000 hours, far exceeding fluorescent bulbs’ average lifespan of 6,000-7,500 hours. This increased lifespan minimizes service frequency and maintenance requirements over the long term.

The Fiesta Restaurant Group was able to upgrade their signs and save money!

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