Firebolt SMRT Signs Deliver Results

SMRT Signs

Firebolt is known for innovation and creating signage that ignites customer engagement, so we knew we could up the ante when it came to point of sale displays. You wanted a sign that could be dynamic, flexible, and customizable for each location – so our prototyping team got to work to create our SMRT sign.

Not just a display, our SMRT sign is a complete marketing package, primed to boost sales and increase engagement, perfectly tailored to compliment any retail point of sale solution. Some of the powerful features include:

    ●  A modular backlit display – Show 1 large image, or 2-4 smaller branding or product images
    ●  Remote programmable LED scrolling messaging
    ●  IoT upgradeable – proximity marketing and beaconing
    ●  Low entry price point – it pays for itself!

SMRT Success

One of North America’s largest franchised convenience stores asked Firebolt to help drive their in-store promotions with an IoT enabled SMRT sign. When we promoted the Ontario Lotto with our dynamic messaging, ticket sales increased between 15-27% across the stores.

We would love to walk you through all the possible configurations to find the perfect fit for your needs. Contact us today for your SMRT solution!

Key Features

Eye-catching backlit displays and scrolling LED letters

Remotely programmable LED messaging

Interchangeable slide display panels

Integration with live data feeds, including our Engage360 for live data capture and POS activation

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