Firebolt’s latest innovations deserve a special spotlight

Learn more about the laser-edge of illumination, smart signs, and more.

Side profile of Firebolt's Hero XL interior retail sign
Person picking up a drink from a Hero XL retail sign shelf

Introducing Hero XR – the world’s smartest, thinnest, and brightest interior brand sign – tailor-made for retail

This combination offers brands and retailers a brilliant presence and real-time engagement intelligence never before seen in a quick-turn, custom-built retail display solution.

The Hero XR is an eye-catching point of sale (POS) fixture that fuses Firebolt’s advanced Krystal display technology with smart shelf sensors from Retail Aware – the leading in-store shopper behavior analytics firm.

Discover new insights

Uncovering retail exposure and engagement at the shelf gives you a complete picture of both appeal and purchase intent.

Firebolt illuminated shelf for beverages
Interconnected data points

Make better decisions with better data

Hero XR’s embedded proximity and product interaction sensors make measuring in-store display engagement effortless. Through Retail Aware’s user-friendly mobile and desktop app portal, brand managers and store operators can now make real-time data-powered retail strategy decisions.

No other point-of-sale display on the market has these advanced sensing and brilliant display capabilities in a single, customizable fixture.

A perfect fit for every use case

The Hero XR comes in three standard sizes and can be customized by configuring materials, finishes, number of shelves, sensors, height and width dimensions, and illumination haptics such as pulsing, dimming, and color changing.

Experience brand illumination and insights with Hero XR. Configure yours today.

Firebolt Hero XL illuminated sign

Introducing Hero XL — the world’s largest, thinnest, and brightest interior brand sign — built in the USA

Tailored for sports advertising, university signage, and companies and clubs of all kinds, these captivating signs can be custom shaped and lighted to showcase your brand muscle. And with a swappable face plate, you can print a series of messages and install them in minutes.

Spark a new era with Hero XL on the wall of your locker room, lobby, or office and put your ambitions on full display. At almost 8 feet wide and under an inch thick, the Hero XL is a super-large and impressive brand-building canvas.


Various shape and size possibilities


Ultra-thin acrylic with full bleed


HD digitally printed imagery


Energy efficient LED lighting provides even light distribution


Weighs only 100 lbs

Experience brand illumination and insights with Hero XR. Configure yours today.

Moonledge™ | Radiant Modular Display System

Moonledge is the ultimate, point-of-sale stage, purposefully designed for:

Pre-roll tubes

We manufacture custom holders and shelving to showcase the finest pre-roll tubes.

Vape pens and cartridges

We’ve worked with the biggest brands to give their vape products an illuminated brand stage.

Flower jars

The best bud is better bright. Learn how Moonledge and other Firebolt products can highlight your cannabis.

Beverage cans

Bottling and beverage companies know Firebolt illuminates.

Edible canisters

Dramatic uplighting for original edible products, featured on our illuminated shelving.

Accessories and more

If you can build it we can make it shine.

Each illuminated retail shelf tier highlights your brand’s power

With a name inspired by the glow of moonlight on a rocky outcropping, the evocative Moonledge system is fully customizable in size and form to meet the needs of smart and growing brands.

Moonledge is all about brand illumination

Featuring LED-lit shelves tiered in ladder formation, Moonledge’s radiant modularity is designed to showcase anything from cannabis to cosmetics so that new retail products pop. The shelves, side panels, and backing display are fully customizable including edge-to-edge printing in full color, lighting variations, and custom textures.

Moonledge LED-lit shelving from Firebolt