We helped H&R Block modernize their storefront signs and identified solutions that are maintenance free and use up to 80% less electricity!


With over 12,000 tax preparation centers across the country which provide tax services to individuals and businesses, H&R Block is well-known in the financial services world.  Historically, each location has had a street facing fluorescent sign showcasing the H&R Block brand name and logo.


These business decisions were intended to provide brighter signs in order to increase awareness of their various locations, while at the same time save on operating costs…as this technology uses up to 80% less electricity than traditional fluorescent lighting…and these new signs are sleeker, more modern and 80% thinner than the original ones.


Seeking a way to update their aging signage, H&R Block turned to Firebolt for assistance. Over the following months, we worked with the company’s marketing team to develop new storefront LED signage using more vibrant and impactful lighting to boost brand recognition among consumers and to help drive more traffic, right at the street level.


The initial order and placement of thousands of units resulted in improved business sales while significantly reducing sign purchase, energy and operational costs. A win for both the corporate owned stores as well as the franchisees. Production is now in development to complete thousands of additional signs. And Firebolt is very proud of the fact that all H&R Block signage is being manufactured in the USA and assembled in our Wixom plant in Michigan!


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