Firebolt Group changes the face of POS engagement with acquisition of Envisage. Drive sales & transform the customer experience in-store with our innovative technologies.

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Skip Tariff Uncertainty with Firebolt

Import tariffs on many Chinese originated products have already risen 10%, with the threat of an increase up to 25% looming in the near future. As an international brand with offices in the US, Canada, the UK, and China, we keep our finger on the ever-changing market...

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eMenu: A New In-Store Mobile Experience

Keeping up with digital trends is an important part of the consumer experience. For Auto Dealerships, creating a seamless transition between their online and in-store experience is paramount. Our team of experts at Envisage, a Firebolt company, took a lead role in the...

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Multi-Sensory: The New Retail Pop-Up Experience

Pop-up retail at sporting events, concerts, and festivals is a great way to engage with customers directly and reach new audiences. Because consumers still prefer to see products in person when purchasing, even though they increasingly shop online, pop-up retail...

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Maximize customer engagement with Gamification

One of the more popular trends to get consumers engaged with a brand is Gamification. Making the interaction with a brand into a game gives consumers incentive to return, because it makes the experience more fun. Challenges of chance and skill, that are enhanced by...

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How IOT signs can revolutionize in-store customer engagement

With Firebolt IOT signs, powered by Envisage technology, bridging the gap between the retail space and the online experience is now possible. The most successful marketing and sales techniques from the online world can be delivered while still maintaining the real, tangible, and physical experience for buyers.

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Next Generation Engagement with Engage360

As brands shift dollars toward event-based and live marketing, Firebolt Group and Envisage are excited to work together on the next generation of our live event platform: Engage360. The result of years of research, investment, and continuous innovation, our platform...

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Why 1+1 = 3: How Strategic Partners Add Exponential Value

Companies consolidate, acquire, and otherwise make deals to expand their capabilities and make it easier to demonstrate their value to their customer base through the combined offering. Firebolt Group’s acquisition of Envisage Engagement Technologies is a prime example.

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Corp! Magazine Michigan Economic Bright Spot Award

Corp! Magazine has been celebrating the companies that have continued to grow in economic growth, expansion and hiring Michigan’s brightest talent for the last 10 years. We are happy to announce Firebolt Group as one of the winning companies honored at a luncheon on...

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Come Check Out Our Revolution Roadshow!

Come Check Out Our Revolution Roadshow! We are excited to announce that our brand new roadshow has hit the road, with more than 90 different types of digital signage, promotional products, and illuminated brand solutions in a 34’ event trailer. Why are we calling it...

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Firebolt Awards in 2016

Here at Firebolt, we like to stay pretty humble. In fact, we like to keep the focus on our clients and help them achieve success! Nonetheless, we've been honored to be recognized as a "2016 Michigan’s Economic Bright Spots Award" from Everything Business Corp! and we...

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Digital Video Point of Purchase Featured in the News

Firebolt's cutting edge technology is making headlines as it creates branding opportunities at customer point of purchase. You have a quick second to change a consumer's mind at the point of purchase. We are defining the future of impulse purchasing everywhere -...

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