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When top brands want to create a never-been-done-before sign to ignite a spark with customers, they come to Firebolt because they know if there is a way to bring an idea to life, our team can deliver. 


From Concept to Delivery 

Concept Creation

Bring Your Brand To Life

Brands rely on our design team who have years of experience developing award-winning concepts for top brands. We combine creativity with the latest technology and innovation that connect with customers. 

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Optimized for production

Working with multiple suppliers to deliver signs means there is always a chance that what was originally designed is not what is delivered. Firebolt handles the entire process so we know how to create designs that can be manufactured and installed.


Firebolt custom design

Prototyping & Manufacture

Peace of mind before production

With 2D Rendering, 3D design, and custom circuit boards, brands can see a prototype before the final sign is manufactured. Then it moves to our in-house manufacturing facility under our watchful eye to ensure brand consistency and integrity.

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Testing & Compliance

Your brand integrity. Protected.

Rigorous testing protocols are used to quality assure all signs manufactured can withstand the elements and wear and tear while maintaining quality and brand integrity for years to come. 

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The spark your brand deserves

Firebolt specializes in delivering large quantities of signs that meet stringent brand standards and guidelines. Our durable signs ensure zero breakage during shipping. We also take great care in packaging and freight to ensure we are not only environmentally friendly but cost-effective as well. 


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Innovative Custom Design

Unique signs that create a spark.

Our custom design and engineering team can bring your signage ideas to life. No project is too complex. 


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