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Top brands rely on Firebolt

No one ignites moments of connection better than Firebolt. 

For over 25 years, Firebolt has been crafting innovative brand experiences for the global retail, healthcare, and entertainment marketplace.

With one goal in mind—connecting top brands to its customers.

Connecting to your customers in today's world

The way you reach and engage your customers have changed, but the need to connect hasn't. Firebolt delivers customer experiences that help you connect while keeping everyone safe. 

LED Signs 

Impactful signs using state-of-the-art technology and environmentally sound materials.

Outdoor Signs

Durable and impactful outdoor signs that create the first spark that ignites a customer connection.

Digital Displays

Displays with targeted messaging that connect with customers at the point of purchase.

Event Launch Management

Create an event in minutes and track leads, engagement, and future purchases.

Physical Protection (PPE)

Engage with customers using safety shields, sanitizing wands, gowns, and more PPE products all manufactured in the U.S.

Social Distancing Apps

Contactless check-in and virtual lines keep connecting with customers safe for everyone.


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Why Firebolt

A global provider of products, services, and technology that create brand awareness and ultimately increase sales.


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Indoor and Outdoor Signs

Firebolt is a one-stop-shop that delivers both indoor and outdoor signs that connect brands to customers. From design through production and installation, we ensure consistency that top brands expect. Our lightning-fast prototyping and state-of-the-art production facilities in the USA, UK, and China all combined with our innovation, results in less impact on the environment and more impact on our customers.

POS items with a consistent brand image extend impact and increase sales.

Indoor Signage | Outdoor Signage | POS Items | Custom Design 



Event Launch Platform | Coaching Platform

The most seamless, all-in-one, virtual event launch platform that engages customers in today's world. Virtual product launches, training, and coaching that can be engaging and impactful with customers.

Virtual events with the power of live events.

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Social Distancing | Virtual Check-In | Contactless Check-In

Customers are looking to brands to ensure their safety now more than ever. Our software applications give brands the power to manage customer appointments, pick-ups, and employee screening with easy to use system ready in minutes.

Bringing people safely together anywhere.

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Are You Ready to Ignite Your Brand?

The Firebolt team will help you decide what solutions will help engage your customers. Whether indoor and outdoor signs, or virtual and live events, or applications that help engage your customers and manage social distancing. 


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