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No one sparks moments of awe better than Firebolt.



Brand Extension Solutions at Scale


LED Signs 

Fusing state-of-the-art technologies with innovative materials we create a wide range of custom LED signs for global brands and retailers.


Outdoor Signs

Our designers leverage the most advanced systems, technologies and materials to craft outdoor signs that set the stage for maximum impact.


Digital Displays

We produce bespoke point of purchase experiences that take digital displays and brand screens to the next level.


Event Insights

Capture rich audience data from your branded events with Iconex™, Firebolt's exclusive event hosting and management platform.


Shopper Analytics

Gather shopper insights like never before with our AI-powered journey tracking and monitoring platform built for global retailers and venue leaders.


Custom Engineering

IaaS (Innovation as a Service) translates to customer engagement on your terms. We partner with brands and agencies to create novel and scalable solutions.


Items Produced Annually


Digital Engagements Made


Leads Generated

We are a champion for sustainable commerce


Firebolt exists to be a lighthouse for sustainable commerce by energizing businesses and communities to preserve our natural ecosystems in their quests for growth. 

From sourcing eco-friendly product materials to partnering with climate-fighting supply chain partners, Firebolt’s commitment to green stewardship is unwavering.




Striking Indoor and Outdoor Signs

Firebolt is a one-stop shop for brands and businesses seeking state-of-the-art signage. From design to production and installation, we ensure the highest, precision quality standards are met at every turn of the build and delivery journey. Our lightning-fast prototyping and high-capacity production facilities in the USA, UK, and China results in less impact on the environment and more impact on our customers.

Explore our wide range of signage solutions:

Indoor Signage | Outdoor Signage | POS Items | Custom Design 



Actionable Insights From Events

Whether you are hosting a virtual, live or hybrid event, or a special social media experience, Firebolt's exclusive event hosting and management platform, Iconex™, captures rich audience data that will take your event optimization and planning efforts to new levels.

Explore platform features and benefits.

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