Domino’s Paddle Case Study

Firebolt designed and built custom LED signage for the Michigan-based multinational pizza restaurant chain, Domino’s.

Dominos Hero


Domino’s requested an illuminated product that would be a great fit to offer as a window hanging display in storefronts.

The client expressed concern over direct high heat sun exposure in the window. Would the plexiglass warp? Would the colors fade? Would the material change color over time?

The client experienced quality issues from previous manufacturing partners. The pizza peel design presented a skinny handle causing LED breakage in those flexible areas.


Firebolt designed a robust solution utilizing a real wooden pizza-inspired board that did not bend.

This eliminated any point of failure in the skinny handle areas.

Firebolt has tested critical components used on hundreds of thousands of signs over the years.

These certified materials offer great ink adhesion and can withstand environments with intense heat and sunlight 24/7 without degradation or quality concerns.



Firebolt’s custom Domino’s branded LED Open sign illuminates every Domino’s storefront franchise in the country.